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It’s time to have the national conversation on healthcare no one is having.

Innovation changes nothing if it doesn’t put people first, and spark them.

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The alternative to a 'sick care' system

People talk a lot about the ‘sick care’ system. What they are referring to is the way healthcare is delivered today. A fragmented, reactionary, system that delivers high cost but little value. When it comes to seniors, the current system has failed them far too long. And we let them.

What if there was a different experience? An alternative that is proactive, preventive, community-based, and longitudinal. One that harnesses big data and AI to truly understand a person’s entire ecosystem, addresses social determinants of health, and connects them to wellness not more reactive care. And works with payors and health systems to help them better understand their populations (not just the sickest of sick) and deliver value-based care.

COVID-19 has provided the accelerant for a firestorm that has been brewing for years. Because of it, health care systems are forced to make dramatic adjustments to how they deliver care and payors are speeding up strategies that deliver value and lower cost. Who can they trust to help them do this? Should they do it on their own? Can organizations partner to change the human services ecosystem? Is there data that supports this possibility?

Funny you should ask, perhaps it's time to have that conversation….with Lifespark.


"The Lifespark model is a window into what the $200 billion-dollar in-home senior care market will look like a few years from now."

Ethan Bearman

Fox Business Channel Analyst


Transforming the Narrative

While others have been talking about transforming the trillion-dollar aging market, few are actually doing it. And even fewer are proving it.

We’ve focused our conversation and actions on forging partnerships to better serve seniors with a whole person client-for-life focus. We are investing in innovative technology platforms that break down the siloed walls within the ‘sick care’ system to deliver value that matters to everyone – health systems, payors, and most importantly, the client at the center of it all. Data gathered helps us understand the metrics needed to build strategies that focus on wellness.

It's the old adage ‘if you build it, they will come’ with a twist, ‘if you build it, they will stay.’ When people feel supported by their health system or insurance plan they will stay and live better. Building a better overall system is a win-win-win.

But we caution those who try to do this alone – isolation is fatal. To create the coveted ‘value’ we all seek, partnering is the game-changer. 

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How We're Creating Change


Who is Lifespark?

We spark lives. Our Alternative Delivery System, a proprietary, technology-enabled delivery system focused on the whole person, improves client experience and quality outcomes, lowers the total cost of care and builds life-long affinity. Trusting relationships are established through whole-person primary care, life management, engagement, and navigation services working within a high-performance community network.

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Leading the Change

Lifespark’s growth and innovation includes some big hitters in the senior care and technology space from across the country. Bringing hundreds of years of combined experience in health, home, and senior care, this team is working to disrupt the aging experience and bring a new model of whole person senior care to the forefront of population health featuring navigation to everything.

Meet Our Team

Sharing our vision for change

Our passionate and thoughtful leaders believe there’s a better way to age in this country. Like the delivery of their presentations, they are fearless and transparent in how they plan to change the experience seniors face and they are eager to share. With more than 300 combined years of experience in health, home, and senior care, geriatrics, primary care, senior living, population health, value-based care, and digital health technology/innovation, this team is working to disrupt the aging experience to bring an alternative delivery system to the forefront.

Here is where we’ve been, stay tuned for more being added…we’d love to be part of your next conference or speaking engagement. 



Provider Virtual Care Webinar, Jason Wenell, CTO - 8/18/20

Home Health Care News Virtual Summit:

“The Technology Needs of Medicare Advantage Plans,” Joel Theisen, CEO - 6/26/20

Minnesota Governor’s Council:

“Age Friendly Minnesota,” Joel Theisen - 3/25/20

Keynote, MAARCH State of the State Summit:

Keynote Speaker “Data Driven Healthcare,” Joel Theisen - 1/10/20


“Lifespark & North Memorial Health: An Innovative Community-Based Alternative Delivery System,” Joel Theisen and Jason Rusinak, Director, Payor Contracting and Network Management, North Memorial – 12/10/19


“From Vision to Value: White Glove Service for High-Risk Populations,” Jason Wenell - 11/19/19


“Lifespark: Developing a Home Care Joint Venture with Intermountain Health,” Joel Theisen – 8/1/19

Healthcare Innovation & Investment Conference:

“Proven Whole Person Senior Care Population Health -Delivering Value Based Care,” Joel Theisen – 6/18/10

Home Health Care News Capital & Strategy Forum:

“What’s Next in Joint Ventures,” Joel Theisen – 4/10/19

HomeCare 100:

“Chronic Care Management and Beyond,” Matt Kinne – 1/28/19

SAGE-ing Conference:

“Creating a New Life Experience: Inspiring People to Age Magnificently,” Joel Theisen – 10/27/18

NAHC Webinar:

“Population Health Management – A Glimpse into the Future,” Joel Theisen, CEO - 9/30/20


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